The June 22, 2006, our screening of SERENITY at Raleighwood Cinema Grill raised $1,740.29 for Equality Now.

Indyweek Best Bets * MTV * SCI FI Wire * Matt Wiggins

We sold 195 tickets at $10 each. We also had 6 guests. The theater seats about 200, so we were packed! We took in $319 in raffle tickets and donations. Our expenses were $528.71, which included $250 for the film, $70 for shipping the film, $88.05 in Pay Pal fees for selling pre-sale tickets online, $17.71 for fliers, $14.00 for event programs, and then $88.95 for various raffle prizes, but most of our prizes were donated. Advance tickets were sold, and seats were sold out two days before the event. We did not sell any tickets at the door. However, the theater told us that they had people calling and coming to the box office to try and buy tickets the day of the event. I also heard from several people who attended, saying they had friends and coworkers who wanted to attend but didn't buy advance tickets and ended up missing out. I also heard that many people thought 'there'd only be 30 or 40 people' showing up - many folks (including the media, I think) were surprised we sold out ahead of time!

Please support the sponsors and contributors to our event, and thank the individual folks who have made this happen! They are Big Damn Heroes!

Raleighwood Cinema Grill
ARIEL ID badges by John - email to order
Berkeley Cafe
Exoticatz - Home of the ZOE replica necklace!  
Jewels of the Spirit: Susannah Ravenswing, Metalsmith  
Lilac Trading Station - Browncoat, Jayne t-shirts
Monkeyshines - Inara, Kaylee and other FIREFLY jewelry
ScrewtheAlliance, author of Strawberry award-nominated fanfic novel 'Kaylee's Lament'
Tir na nOg Irish Pub
VF Corporation  
Victoria's Sweets Bakery & Cafe  
Wake Forest Awards & Engraving
Wake the Fallen   
Wear With Style - Cunning Jayne hats!  

ALSO, MANY THANKS TO: Robert Ellis; Chess Griffin; Steven Hilton; Ashley Hinton; Eric Livengood; Bill "Out2theblack"; Kate Quick; Alaine, Gabriel and Michael Sepulveda; Kristi Walsh; and Susan Z.

Q: Who put on this event? Flame (J.L. "Jen" Hilton) coordinated this event. Which means she spent a whole lot of time sitting in front of the computer answering email, creating and updating this website, soliciting donations, designing fliers and programs, talking on the phone, monitoring ticket sales, and sending out press releases, while her two small children destroyed the house and watched Spongebob. She had an incredible amount of help from the local and worldwide Browncoat community. If Flame is mighty, it is only because she stands on the shoulders of some Big Damn Heroes.

Q: What happened during this event? Everyone got a strawberry handstamp, we gave away lots of door prizes, held a costume contest, raffled off some goodies, displayed a prop from the movie, ate, drank, and watched SERENITY. Everyone in our theater cheered the first time Wash said, "I am a leaf on the wind."

All four winners of the costume contest received an award plaque from WAKE FOREST AWARDS in addition to: FIRST PRIZE: $25 Berkeley Cafe gift certificate. SECOND PRIZE: $25 Tir na nOg gift certificate. THIRD PRIZE: Browncoat gift bag. SHINY MENTION: Browncoat gift bag. Our judges were David Fellerath from Indyweek; Susan Z from Kulture; and Ash Hinton, Browncoat extraordinaire.

This is a list of the DOOR PRIZES given away during the event:
Bedlam Bards On the Drift CD
Killer Angels (the Civil War book that inspired Firefly)
SERENITY movie poster, unframed
Serenity t-shirt size L from
Lilac Trading Station
Serenity novel

SERENITY: The Official Visual Companion, Joss Whedon
VFCorporation donations including: Nautica Mens watch and Nautica womans watch (value $75), The North Face Borealis BackPack, Kipling purse (value $65), Vans Skateboard, Buddy Lee Bobblehead doll (sorry, it's not a wobbly-headed geisha, but you can dress him up!) 
 The American a novel by Raleigh resident Andrew Britton, and a CD of Irish music, from IrishEventsNC.com
These are the RAFFLE PRIZES given away: 

SERENITY cookies from Victoria's Sweets Bakery & Cafe, Silver 'Leaf on the Wind' jewelry VALUE $90 from Jewels of the Spirit, Jayne's cunning hat straight from Mother Cobb (Wear With Style), SERENITY movie poster, framed, donated by Aaron Stone of Wake the Fallen, Kaylee necklace replica from Monkeyshines, Inara's incense gift pack with Buddha incense burner, FIREFLY DVD set, Finding Serenity: Anti-Heroes, Lost Shepherds etc., and SERENITY: Those Left Behind comics TPB.

We also put together nine character gift baskets, one for each Big Damn Hero on the crew. These were raffled off the night of the event. Every basket contained items related to the character or a line the character says, and all baskets totaled a value of AT LEAST $30 - most of the baskets were worth $40-$50 or more.

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