Jul 29, 2012

2012 Serenity screening for charity

We raised $3420.75 for Equality Now
and $1140.25 for Kids Need to Read

Every year, Browncoats around the globe hold charity screenings of the sci-fi movie SERENITY to raise money for Equality Now and other worthy causes. In Raleigh, we also support Kids Need to Read  

The 2012 Raleigh Can't Stop the Serenity screening was Sunday, July 29, at Raleighwood Cinema Grill.

First and second place winners of the costume contest.
Awards courtesy of Wake Forest Awards and Engraving.
3rd place: The "FOX Executive" who canceled Firefly
He said he traded Vera for her.

Raffle prizes included:

A Kaylee parasol hand-painted
by J.L.Hilton/JLHjewelry
* "I swallowed a bug" River-themed prize basket
* CSTS mugs by Wake Forest Awards & Engraving
* Items from Firefly Cargo Bay
* Handmade Jayne hats
* A Jayne "My Little Pony" by Emma Guild
* A $100 Browncoat jewelry basket from J.L.Hilton/JLHjewelry
* Two passes to Raleigh's Village Idiots
* Special offers from Blue Water Spa
* Several items courtesy of the CSTS global sponsors (see list here)
* And many, many more!

All money from the raffle goes to Equality Now and Kids Need to Read.

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Tanya Tatum said...

I like the lady with the Japanese multi-colored parasol. It looks great for a spring or summer showcase. The large ones like these outdoor umbrellas are called parasol.