Jan 4, 2021

2020 Can't Stop the Serenity held on Facebook

It's been a rough year but we're still flying. Our long-time venue, Raleigh Cinema Grill, closed its doors in 2019, and the pandemic led to a change in plans for our 15th Annual Can't Stop the Serenity. 

Rather than holding an in-person event, we set up an online fund raiser on Facebook. Browncoats donated a total of $160 to Equality Now, the non-profit organization that's been supported by CSTS events worldwide since 2006, and a total of $250 to the Al Wooten Jr Youth Center, an organization supported by Ron Glass, the actor who portrayed Shepherd Book and who passed away in 2016. 

We know times are hard for many right now, and we appreciate every contribution. 

We also held a Firefly watch party December 13, 2020, via Facebook. 

Join the Raleigh Browncoats Facebook group at this link or search "Raleigh Browncoats" on Facebook.

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