Aug 8, 2010

Supporting the local sci-fi community

I had the opportunity to attend NASFIC, the North American Science Fiction Convention, from August 5-8 in Raleigh, where I met several local authors, some of whom happen to be Browncoats!

Raleigh sci fi author Mark L. Van Name is donating the proceeds from his latest book, "Children No More," to Falling Whistles: Campaign for Peace in the Congo. He is also a self-professed fan of Serenity, and I hope we will see him at the next CSTS.

Christiana Ellis is a Browncoat and local podcaster extraordinaire who interviewed me in 2008 for my role in coordinating CSTS. Her debut book, "Nina Kimberly the Merciless" is available on and also as a podcast through her website.

James Maxey is the author of the Dragon Age fantasy series and the superhero novel Nobody Gets the Girl.

Samuel Montgomery-Blinn is a Browncoat who founded Bull Spec magazine, featuring local writers (and yes, he is accepting submissions). Find it at a store near you.

Sara M. Harvey, steampunk author and costumer. She's out of Nashville, but I'm still going to mention her because she's a fan of Serenity. She has a Steampunk Kaylee costume, knows entirely too much about geisha, and she's just an all-around delightful person.

With an effervescence which borders on mania, Davey Beauchamp of Greensboro, NC, is an author, librarian, and editor of the book Writers for Relief, an anthology to benefit the victims of hurricane Katrina.

I did not meet him, but I discovered that John Claude Bemis is in Hillsborough and has a book titled "The Nine Pound Hammer," the debut of his Clockwork Dark series. He'll be having a launch party for the second book in the series, at the end of August. Check out his website for details.

I also discovered Off World Designs, which is not local but I wanted to share because they have some brilliant Browncoat t-shirts.

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